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Our Plantronics Video Launches at and Best Buy Stores

Head to the phone accessories area of your local Best Buy store and you may just see our BackBeatGO product video playing on the built in kiosk. Or perhaps you'd rather order your favorite electronics from the comfort of your internet browser. Well, you may just see us there too as the Amazon product page also boasts our little video. Still, we think the best viewing experience is right here in our portfolio or on the Plantronics YouTube channel.


PowerBar Manifesto Goes Live on

From concept to script to prep to production to post production, the project never feels quite complete until it finds its way to the screen. So the sweet satisfaction is finally ours as the PowerBar Manifesto video goes live on the power trainer homepage. Still, if you want to see it in all its widescreen glory, best hit the 'full screen' button or just watch it here in our portfolio.


New Video Cloud Promo Launches on Brightcove's Web Site

The trilogy is complete! That is, with the inclusion of our newest video for Brightcove, our work now occupies all three of the company's home page product banners. Thanks to our cast and crew for another successful shoot and to Brightcove for coming back to New Monarchy for more video marketing love.  

You can also check out the final video here on our site. 


Dunk That Epic Underwater!

No matter how many times we do it I still get a bit nervous when that underwater housing goes, well... underwater and is housing $80k worth of camera equipment. For the PowerBar shoot it was the RED EPIC with Panavision lenses that was going under and according to HydroFlex, the makers of the industry-standard underwater rig we were using, our team was among the first to dunk the EPIC. In the end everything went (shall I say?) swimmingly. I certainly can't imagine capturing the determination and energy of PowerBar Team Elite triathelte Amy Palmiero-Winters without being right there with her for those laps.

Check out the finished video here.

 Beyond just going underwater, the housing also allowed us to skim the surface of the water on the jib.


Care About SEO? Lead With Video! 

If you're marketing or selling online you've probably worked hard to improve your SEO, but have you been equally strategic about "Blended Search Optimization"?  As site visitors gravitate to video content on the internet, major search engines are following suite to display videos, images, and other types of results alongside their standard text page search results.  Due to the disparity between the volume of video content and that of text pages, Blended Search allows your video to stand a 50% better chance of appearing on the first page of search results than any given text page when the proper keywords are attached.1 What's surprising is that according to Forrester Research less than 20% of marketers are taking advantage of this opportunity to gain maximum visibility for their online assets.

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