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Dunk That Epic Underwater!

No matter how many times we do it I still get a bit nervous when that underwater housing goes, well... underwater and is housing $80k worth of camera equipment. For the PowerBar shoot it was the RED EPIC with Panavision lenses that was going under and according to HydroFlex, the makers of the industry-standard underwater rig we were using, our team was among the first to dunk the EPIC. In the end everything went (shall I say?) swimmingly. I certainly can't imagine capturing the determination and energy of PowerBar Team Elite triathelte Amy Palmiero-Winters without being right there with her for those laps.

Check out the finished video here.

 Beyond just going underwater, the housing also allowed us to skim the surface of the water on the jib.


That's A Wrap on Seven Days of Cycling for Brightcove!

Should it really take seven days to shoot a three minute video? Well, when you have 45 scenes and 25 locations it does. After weeks of preproduction we embarked on our most ambitious shoot this year and focused our lens on a cycling brand of our own invention. To journal our delightfully hectic week of production we created a twitter account for MODUS CYCLES and added photos and comments along the way. Day one produced probably the most entertaining tweet (and no, there's no accompanying photo).

"Cops are here. Guess our third BMX rider pulled his pants down in the driveway
to put his pads on. A certain neighbor didn't like the skin time." 

To skip the tweets and just check out more behind the scenes pics go HERE. The finished video is coming soon.

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